I read an article on www.askthemanger.com about voice mail management. The ideas they shared and some of my own may be useful to you as well.

Just because the phone rings does not mean you need to answer it.

Here are a few best practices you may be able to use to better manage your phone calls and voice mail messages:

  • If you have an office phone use the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature when you are in meetings and when you want to be focused on specific tasks.
  • Cell phones have lots of features for managing calls
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Silence Mode
    • Disable Notifications
    • Some phones allow for sending specific people direct to VM.
    • Text Reply messages when you send a call to VM.
    • Transcription of VM (Google Voice Feature)
  • Add a phrase to your voice mail greeting setting an expectation to when you will listen and reply.

As with email messages, you don’t need to listen to every voice mail message when you get one. Schedule time, maybe a few times each day to manage your messages.

Interruptions caused by the phone and voice mail messages cause unnecessary productivity reduction and causes us to lose focus on our goals.

Manage your phone calls and voicemails on your schedule, as best you can. Let your phone disturb you as little as possible.
Norwood Teague.

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