According to an article I read on recently there are over 281.1 Billion emails sent every day. How many of these are you getting in your inbox?

How many are you sending out every day?

Many of the email messages we get are not interesting or important at all, so all we have to do is hit the delete key every time we get those message. Of course, this only takes a few seconds right? No, it’s not how long it takes to delete these messages that is the problem, it’s the interruption to our work.

  • To be more efficient with email here are a few best practices to consider:
  • Spend time each year purging the email subscriptions you have that you don’t look at as frequently as you thought you would. You can always go look up this content later.
  • Set aside time each day to manage your email messages. This will minimize the interruptions.
  • Take action immediately for each message. Procrastination creates interruptions later.
  • If your email application has filters or rules, use them to move those ’somewhat’ useful emails to a folder that you can review at a later time.
  • Don’t use email for every message. Maybe text messaging, social messaging or even a phone call would be a better communications method for some conversations.
  • Don’t reply to messages with “OK” or “Thanks”. Respond with more meaningful engagement relevant to the message.

Email is a necessary evil. Find ways to better manage your email and you will find it is less of an evil

Norwood Teague

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