Networking is an important business activity.  However, the networking must be purposeful and relevant.

There is nothing wrong with meeting friends and business associates for coffee or lunch. However, this is not purposeful networking, it’s friendly networking. Never stop doing this, it’s important as well.

Purposeful networking is much more intentional and focused.

One step to staying focused and intentional is to first do research on specific Regions, Industries, Companies, and Roles. This is a core step to prospecting, however, also to purposeful networking. Research is critical in any business process.

This research helps you to be as informed as possible of the businesses and people you are looking to network with and begin business conversations.

If you are informed, as you network through community and industry events, social events, conferences, summits, seminars, even family and friend events, you can pay more attention and even ask for relevant introductions where possible.

You can’t be effective or efficient at purposeful networking until you practice doing this.

Practice does not make perfect, it makes permanent.

Practice Purposeful Networking and you’ll be more successful using networking as a worthwhile business process.

Norwood Teague

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